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How to enable the Halo Infinite dynamic background on Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft has launched a new Halo Infinite dynamic background for Xbox Series X|S consoles today only a day after the company announced the game’s launch date of December 8th. Below we will guide you on how to easily enable the new Halo Infinite Dynamic background.

Dynamic backgrounds are new to Xbox consoles and are only currently supported on Xbox Series X and Series S. Dynamic backgrounds are essentially moving background images for the home screen of your Xbox. The new Halo Infinite dynamic background adds a new dimension with movement to the game cover art (main image above) that we all know and love.

  • Press the Home button (the button with the Xbox logo) on your controller
  • In the flyout menu navigate over to your gamertag photo
  • Under your gamertag photo, navigate down to and select Settings
  • Select Personalization on the right
  • Select Backgrounds
  • Select Dynamic Backgrounds
  • Navigate over to the new Halo Infinite dynamic background and select it.
  • Press the Home button, now you will see the Halo Infinite background

Halo Infinite releases on December 8th for PC and Xbox, the game can be pre-ordered now for $60. If you are a Game Pass subscriber you can pre-install the game now and play it on day one.

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