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Halo Infinite Spotlight | Players can only earn Battle Pass XP from prescribed challenges

Halo Infinite might be one of the holiday season’s most anticipated games but the winds could be changing if 343 Industries isn’t careful. Not long after 343i announced campaign and co-op wouldn’t be available at launch and nearly a month after the first Halo Infinite tech preview ended leaving eager fans to play old Halo games or the breakout hit Splitgate, 343 Industries Community Manager John Junyszek confirmed that in order to progress in the (paid) Battle Pass, players will need to complete daily and weekly challenges.

This means players can no longer earn XP; which is need to earn rewards, from completing matches. That means, no more player participation trophies kids, you gotta win and complete the objectives 343i wants you to complete in order to get rewarded. In the first Technical Preview, invited Halo Insiders like us got to experience this system first-hand and unfortunately there was a bug that kept some of us from be able to get more daily challenges. Junyszek says that at launch it will be “extremely difficult” for players to run out of challenges.

This system could lead players to spend real money on Challenge Swapping whenever they are not able to complete those challenges. Some of those challenges will require players to win and that has many Halo fans up-in-arms about the potential direction Halo is going. It will be in 343i’s business interest to tip the scales in their favor if they find that when players can’t complete certain challenges, they opt to pay for the completion instead. This may very well be the result of Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer nature but this change seems like a highly unwelcome one. 343i promised Halo Infinite would be a more player-friendly game, but they are going to have to live up to that promise now.

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