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Halo Infinite Spotlight | How to sign up for the next Halo Insider Technical Preview



Halo Infinite is being tested this summer by Halo Insiders, are you all signed up and ready to be chosen for the next Technical Preview, do you even know what to do to get ready so that you can be chosen? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with a How-to guide and some background information below.

How to become a Halo Insider

  • Register for Halo Insider using your gamertag
  • Verify your email by clicking on the confirmation email sent to your Preferred email address in your Halo Insider profile
  • Opt-in for communications by selecting “I would like information, tips, and offers about the Halo franchise.”
    • You’ll need to verify your email and check this box, otherwise we won’t be able to send you flighting emails
  • Opt-in for flighting on the platforms of your choice (console and/or PC).
    • To be considered for PC flighting, upload your DxDiag and connect your personal Steam account

343 Industries (343i) is quick to note that not all registrants for Halo Insider will be granted access to the technical previews or pre-release flights. It seems that 343i wants an equal number of players on all platforms, so if you are playing on a next-gen console like Xbox Series X or Series S, that is probably the smallest number of players for Xbox consoles since availability of the next-gen Xbox consoles has been relatively low and you probably have the best shot at making it into the technical preview. If you have been a participating Halo Insider for many years than 343i will also prioritize you over new Insiders as well.

343i says “we had goals to robustly test our game and core services at a large scale and allow players to provide feedback on the game before launch. Next, we focused in on outlining how to measure progress toward these goals. A hypothetical example of would be, “we want to have a matchmaking success rate of 100%.” That’s a great goal to have, but then the real work begins building systems that can reliably measure whether we are hitting these goals or not. In the matchmaking success rate example, this means adding code to the game client or our online services that can monitor and report when matches are made successfully and, more importantly, when they fail.”

It sounds like the Halo Infinite Technical Preview will be a bit rough “we will certainly have some bumps and rough edges in this build.” 343i goes on to further describe “this technical preview is a couple months behind where the development team and ‘main’ game build currently is given the process and time it takes to go through all the gates and steps before releasing to the public.”

“By flighting the game to Halo Insiders, we’re going to see players uncover quirks in our online services, find whacky new bugs in the game and menus, and so much more.” Halo Insiders get early access to the game, but also get to help discover bugs which is what 343i describes as the “beautiful part of this process is that it’s all intentional – discovering these issues, small or major, months ahead of launch is the entire point of flighting.”



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