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Fresh look at Surface Duo 2 via new renders



Not long after photos of the Surface Duo 2 leaked, Industrial Designer Jonas Deahnert has given the device the sexy renders it deserved, via a report from Windows United. Deahnert has made many Windows phone concepts in the past as you can see on his Behance profile, and his latest Surface Duo 2 renders are as beautiful as ever. Based on past Surface Hardware events, we won’t likely see Surface Duo 2, Surface Book 4 or any other new Surface Hardware until October, but these new renders aim to mitigate the one glaring issue that the leaked photos of Surface Duo 2’s camera bump made obvious, the fact that it will no longer be able to close when in its phone posture.

The biggest feature addition to Surface Duo 2 is the triple camera and subsequent camera bump, but that also has design consequences for this device that can fold both displays shut and open so that both displays are exposed, one on the front and the back. The design was likely inspired by the well-known Surface Note concept that solved all of the design issues except one, making room for a high-powered camera. The designer of the Surface Note concept says that his Lumia 950Xl was the inspiration for the size of the Surface Note, so making the folded device no thicker than the thickness part of a Lumia 950XL, which was 8.1mm. That means that the thickness of the unfolded device would have to be a little more than 4mm. It is perhaps that initial choice to make the folded device no more than 8.1mm that forced the design to be so thin and thus have a large camera bump on Surface Duo 2 that will not allow the device to fully close back on itself.

It wasn’t clear from the leaked photos how the camera bump would fold into the phone posture and if that gap would look like. Deahnert has a potential solution it would seem. What isn’t clear though, did this come from the device photos, is this Deahnert’s solution and would it affect the camera having slanted cover glass? Since the selfie camera is no longer pulling double duty as the main camera, there is no longer a need for a flash on the display side of the device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Deahnert has any actual product design experience, which could mean the slant cover glass is actually doable from a optics standpoint, but we hope it does work.

One thing we didn’t see in the leaked images is the Surface Duo 2’s display, Deahnert may be taking creative liberties with the display, but we love it either way. The USB-C port now matches the location of the original Surface Note concept, that put it in the middle of the closed device.

Based on past photo of Panos Panay holding a black Surface Duo prototype, we are hoping Microsoft makes Surface Duo 2 available in Black this October. Surface Duo 2 is also rumored to ship with NFC, Wireless Charging and 5G by way of either the Snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 888+, 8GB of RAM with the possibility of an option with 12GB of RAM and more Storage options too.

Any of our readers looking forward to Surface Duo 2 this fall? Let us know in the comments below.



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