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How to claim Battlefield V for free with Prime Gaming



Have you ever thought about trying out the amazon prime gaming, well now would be the perfect time since they just dropped there’s latest reward and instead of cosmetics or gear for a game you may already own, this time they are giving away a whole game for free. That game being Battlefield V for Windows.

Getting this game for your Windows PC is super simple, check out our How-to guide below:

  • Ensure you have Amazon Prime (trial works too).
  • Go to Prime Gaming, sign in with your Amazon account
  • Navigate to Games with Prime
  • Navigate to Battlefield V and select Claim Now

You will be presented with a 20-character code that you can redeem on Origin. Yes, unfortunately, you will have to install the Origin game launcher

Origin requires third party cookies in order to log in

  • Select My Game Library
  • On the top right of the page, click on Add a game
  • Then click on Redeem Product Code
  • In the pop-up window, insert the code you received from Prime Gaming.
  • Battlefield V will now appear in your Game Library in the Origin Launcher, Enjoy!

Make sure you act fast and to get your free copy of Battlefield V before September 1st. FYI – there are other games and loot to claim on Prime Gaming, be sure to check out all that is offered.



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