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How to turn off Chrome auto launch during Chromebook bootup



Google’s Chromebook’s have seen a massive surge of 275% over the last year and if you are a Chrome OS user you might prefer alternative browsers. Your Chromebook auto launching Chrome browser during startup makes using alternative browsers less convenient, but did you know that the latest Chrome OS update, version 92 can help you to disable auto launch of Chrome? We’ll show you how to turn off Chrome auto launch with a How-to guide below.

Recently we showed you how to install alternative browsers on your Chromebook and with a new feature on Chrome OS 92, the experience of running an alternative browser on your Chromebook just got much better.

How to turn off Chrome auto launch

You can disable Chrome from launching on bootup by utilizing Google’s upcoming restore feature in Chrome OS 92. All you have to do to turn the feature on is copy and paste the following URL in bold into Chrome’s search bar, then enabling the feature through the drop-down:

  • Open Chrome browser
  • In Chrome’s search bar, paste the following text chrome:flags#full-restore
  • Now on bootup Chrome browser will not auto launch

Now you are all set! You can now use your chosen alternative browser, without Chrome browser auto launching on your Chromebook. Any of our readers ever tried another browser on thier Chromebook?



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