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How to ride with Master Chief on your commute with Waze and more



Waze, the popular turn-by-turn maps app used by commuters is adding a new Halo Infinite feature ahead of Halo Infinite’s launch this holiday season that allows to drive as Master Chief or one of the Banished.

Waze says” Turn each drive into a mission to save, or take over, the world when you choose to ride as the Master Chief & the UNSC, or Escharum & the Banished” These unique avatars are available now in the Waze app.

How to change your Waze avatar, car and voice navigation

  • Tap on My Waze
  • Tap Ride with Master Chief
  • Tap on Moods
  • Tap on either Master Chief or Escharum, then Select the Back Arrow
  • Select Car
  • Select Voice Directions, then select either Master Chief or Escharum

Now you are all set to ride with Master Chief or the Banished leader Escharum on your commute.



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