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Venmo app redesign removes privacy invading global feed and more

Venmo was in the news last year for many privacy invading features. It looks like Venmo is hearing the outcry from users and as part of the app’s redesign the company is expanding privacy controls and more.

Updated Social Feed

Updated Venmo home screen

Venmo is removing the global feed, and the friends feed is now the only social feed that will appear in the app. Venmo says the “community has grown to more than 70 million customers, so this change allows customers to connect and share meaningful moments and experiences with the people who matter most.”

There’s a new bottom navigation area enabling users to seamlessly toggle between their social feed, Venmo products, and their personal profile. With the new ‘Cards’ button, Venmo Credit Card and Debit Card holders can access all of the same controls and features for using and managing their cards and Rewards and Offers. The ‘Crypto’ button enables easy access to the world of crypto, users can view trends in real time, buy, sell or hold four different types of cryptocurrencies in the app.

Expanded Privacy Controls

Venmo recently introduced new privacy controls, enabling users to select a public, friends-only, or private setting for their friends list. Users can also choose if they want to have their profile appear on other users’ friends lists, or stay hidden.  

Users continue to have the ability to add or remove contacts from their friend list at any time. Users can also choose to block other Venmo users. Users will continue to have the option to change privacy settings for all past transactions or select different settings for individual payments or as a default for future transactions. 

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