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Halo Infinite Spotlight | Infinite Armor



Recently, we finally got a look at what’s is to coming to Halo Infinite and as part of our ongoing Halo Infinite Spotlight series. We recently covered the new M15 Razorback transport vehicle, in this installment we are going to cover some of the new armor.


The ANUBIS is manufactured by Lethbridge Industrial, it is unusual in that its structural frame and core electronics are “grown” inside Sangheili assembly forges, though final assembly and integration uses traditional fabrication techniques.


Manufactured by Materials Group, Spartans assigned to ONI’s Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group on Installation 07 found that their upgraded MARK V’s mix of high-threat response and surveillance interlinks were ideal for the ring’s peculiar operating environment.


Manufactured by Emerson Tactical Systems, the Cavallino expands Emerson’s offerings with MJOLNIR-platform helmets, tailored for the needs of fireteam leaders, trainers, and combat observers.

The above options pieces were developed from the ground up as the initial wave of the GEN3 Mjolnir suite. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to pursue the GEN1 Mjolnir Mk. V(b) platform as well, with its own array of available modifications. This technology dates back to the Covenant war era but has been fully reconditioned and upgraded with newer and more optimized components, giving life to older tech at an integral time, and offering a new generation of Spartans the opportunity to take to the battlefield outfitted in the same style of armor that some of their own heroes once donned. Let us take a look at once such example:


Manufactured by Materials Group, Grenadier helmets are officially categorized as prototypes, as NAVSPECWAR wrestles with the overwhelming cost of its lightweight armored composite shell.

These new armor looks great I cannot wait to unlock and play as them. Personally, my favorite out of the armor is going to be the Cavallino. Halo Infinite is set to drop sometime this holiday and flighting of betas will be starting sometime this summer.



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