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Doom Eternal gets next-gen update for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.



Next-gen doom is here, and it looks glorious. ID Software has added three new modes to Doom Eternal focused on visual fidelity, enabling you to rip and tear your way through hell in pristine high-res gameplay, using every ounce of horsepower pumping out of your next-gen Xbox.

Xbox Series X performance modes

  • Performance — 120 FPS at 1800p
  • Balanced — 60 FPS at 2160p (4K)
  • Quality — 60 FPS at 1800p with ray tracing enabled

Thanks to three new performance modes you now can choose to run at that buttery smooth 120 FPS with 1800p resolution in Performance Mode or if you fancy high-res over high FPS you can choose Balanced Mode with 2160p at 60 FPS or at 1800p resolution with ray tracing mode enabled with Quality Mode.

Xbox Series S performance modes

  • Performance — 120 FPS at 1080p
  • Balanced — 60 FPS at 1440p (4K)

The Xbox Series S performance modes still deliver 120 FPS but with lower resolution and no ray tracing.

Both consoles will receive better visuals, faster load times and dynamic resolution scaling so when in during critical combat you will not lose any frames. Update 6 includes new game content as well, adding a new Master Level and a new a Battlemode arena with Corrosion.

The update was released yesterday June 29, 2021. It is a rather large update for the game setting in at a whopping 68 GB, which is lager then most games you might see. If you need something to do while you wait the game pass as many other options for the dooms adding all or almost all the game to their line up with the addition of Bethesda to the Xbox family.

Windows PC

Doom Eternal is now updated for PC too, adding ray tracing for Nvidia RTX graphics and Nvidia DLSS support. Ray Tracing and DLSS is now supported in campaign and expansions. So, if you have an Nvidia RTX graphics card that supports Ray Tracing and DLSS you are also getting a kind of next-gen update too.



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