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ARMs Race | Windows 11 on ARM-powered Surface Pro X benchmarked



Microsoft released the first Dev Channel build of Windows 11 yesterday and as part of the expected performance enhancements I benchmarked my Surface Pro X with Windows 10 ahead of time. Yesterday when the Windows 11 Dev Build was released, I benchmarked it again and there are certainly performance gains to be had.

Using Geekbench to benchmark Surface Pro X running Windows 10 last week received a single-core score of 788 and a multi-core score of 2991. The average single-core score is usually 780-790 and 2990-3000 for the average multi-core score, but after benchmarking the same SQ2-powered Surface Pro X with Windows 11 the gain amounted to a 7-8%. performance increase.

This was only the first Dev Channel build of Windows 11 and we could see even better performance gains in future builds closer to release. The third generation Surface Pro X powered by Microsoft’s SQ3 based of Qualcomm’s 8cx Gen3 could amount to even bigger performance gains along with the rumored SQ3-powered MacBook Pro killer.



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