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YouTube TV launches 4K Plus plan with offline downloads and 4K video



YouTube TV today revealed new details about two upcoming and highly anticipated features, 4K video and offline downloads and that Google is bundling them together in a new more expensive subscription tier called 4K Plus.

Starting today YouTube TV’s new 4K Plus tier is available and it will cost $19.99 more on top of the standard $64.99 YouTube TV subscription…ouch. Google knows that this new subscription will shock many subscribers so the company will give customers a free one-month trial and for those who sign up early the company will charge you $9.99 month less for one year, but after the first year, you’ll get bumped up to the full $85 per month subscription price.

So, considering the hefty price, hopefully subscribers don’t run into any content that won’t let subscribers watch it in 4K and download them.