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Is Amazon’s ecosystem the best compliment to the Windows 11 ecosystem?



With Microsoft’s announcement of the new Windows 11 Microsoft Store having Amazon App Store integration for Android apps, Amazon’s ecosystem seems to best compliment to that of Windows 11. It goes beyond that too, Amazon Prime Video, the Alexa voice assistant and Amazon Music have been popular apps in the Microsoft Store and with Microsoft not focusing on tablets, Amazon’s Fire Tablets and Echo devices may make for the best compliment to the Windows 11 ecosystem.

Now that the Amazon App Store is integrated within the Microsoft Store and Windows 11 users start investing in some Amazon Android apps, the natural thing to do would be to have a Fire Tablet and Echo around where you can take advantage of the platform integration. You can pair your Echo with your Xbox, Use Alexa on your PC, use a Fire tablet to watch movies and use an Echo to enjoy Amazon Music.

What if the Amazon App Store integration is just the start and Microsoft plans to bring additional Android app stores like Samsung’s Galaxy Store and others to the Microsoft Store.



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