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ARMs Race | Zoom releases native app for ARM PCs like Surface Pro X



Today Zoom released its latest Zoom version that includes native support for ARM PCs like Surface Pro X and Galaxy Book Go.

“When a user installs the non-ARM version of the desktop client, they will be prompted to update to the ARM version of the client. This prompt is disabled if AutoUpdate is disabled through admin install of MSI or GPO options. Note: The ARM version of the client does not currently support Virtual Backgrounds.”

Right now, you can run Microsoft Teams natively on ARM PCs like Surface Pro X, Galaxy Book S and HP’s Elite Folio because Microsoft supports ARM PCs natively. Zoom however isn’t support natively on ARM PCs, instead Zoom is currently emulated which is slower and drains the battery faster. A new ARM-optimized Zoom app would run smoother, faster and consume less battery life.