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Adobe has finally added their Creative Cloud apps to Microsoft Store



Microsoft has announced Windows 11 earlier today along with the new Microsoft Store and now the store’s new policies has helped Adobe bring their Creative Cloud apps to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is planning to preview Windows 11 with its new built-in preview of the Microsoft Store next week with a public rollout this fall. The new Microsoft Store features new policy changes enabling developers to submit unpacked Win32 apps like .exe and .msi apps. Developers can now use their own content delivery networks for app hosting and updates, no not all updates will come through the Microsoft Store.

Developers can also use third-party commerce platforms and Microsoft won’t require a cut of the profits. This has resulted in Adobe bringing their entire Creative Cloud suite of apps to the new Microsoft Store. There is no word on Adobe Creative Cloud being in the store on day one, so we will have to wait till next week and see.



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