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Otterbox launches Xbox controller Power Swap batteries



Otterbox the mobile device protection company announced a lineup of Xbox mobile gaming accessories recently and now they are adding hot swap batteries for Xbox controllers.

Power Swap Controller Batteries

  • Experience zero downtime — batteries swap on the fly with one hand for uninterrupted gameplay
  • Reserve energy cell sustains controller power while you swap
  • Continuous power eliminates need to resync
  • Never connect controller to console to charge again
  • Illuminating low-battery alert, so you always know when you’re running low
  • Optimized for natural controller balance and feel
  • Dock charges two batteries simultaneously
  • Backup battery always ready
  • LEDs display charging status and battery life
  • Able to charge individual batteries via USB-C cable
  • Proven durability withstands the test of time
  • Limited lifetime warranty supported by hassle-free customer service
  • Each battery delivers up to 10+ hours of untethered playtime


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