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How to get Stadia Premiere Edition for only $50 and 3-months of YouTube Premium free



Google and AT&T know that online gaming motivates gamers to pay more to get faster internet speeds from their ISP. Google’s online-only cloud gaming service is better with faster internet speeds so naturally Google would team up with an ISP (internet service provider) to offer Stadia Pro free for 6-months.

How to get Stadia Premiere for only $50

  • Buy Stadia Premiere Edition for only $49.99 with the link above from Best Buy and you will get YouTube premium free for 3-months
  • Download the Stadia app for Android or use the web app for iPhone or iPad and other devices.

You can use a desktop or laptop computer to play Stadia on the web with Chromium-based browsers such as Edge (version 79 or higher), Brave, Vivaldi or Chrome. Before you can start playing, you’ll need to claim or purchase a game on or in the Stadia app.



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