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Platform De.Central 2.0 | Fresh new look and exciting things to come

Platform De.Central has always been about ‘work x play without limits’ where we report on hardware, operating systems, app, games and the industry as a whole. We have grown a lot since our launch, we have expanded in some areas while refocusing others, enabling us to deliver on our mission of ‘work and play without limits’ to all of our readers. We have some exciting new things in the works for the rest of 2021 and can’t wait to share them with all of you. For a preview of what is coming, check out the summary of Platform De.Central 2.0 below.

The brand

When we launched Platform De.Central, we started with an icon that we felt really communicated ‘Platform De.Central’ where the bottom level is ‘hardware’ the middle layer is the OS and the top layer is your apps. While our branding may have strayed away from that, we are back to our original icon while bringing our red and our wordmark along for the ride. Our new Platform De.Central 2.0 branding below.

We not only updated our branding but also refined our site, now with friendly round corners and drop shadows that elevate the content above the light gray background in lite mode.

In dark mode the background is true black with a dark gray foreground color making for a look that is easy on your eyes in low light. FYI – dark mode is OS theme sensitive and can be switched on manually.

The navigation menu has been supercharged, enabling our readers to find the content they love easily and discover new stuff too. You have quick access to News, How-To’s, Reviews, De.Central TV, our new Wallpapers hub, De.Central Deals, our social pages and a way to hide the ads on our site as well as sites like The Verge, MacRumors, Neowin and others with Scroll by Twitter.

We have also made Platform De.Central more accessible with the addition of text-to-speech technology that enables readers to listen to the articles.

We also created a more refined mobile experience with a vertical navigation menu and other optimizations. You will see the new mobile view on tablets and phones.

De.Central TV

We have been quietly expanding into video with our new YouTube channel where we are curating a selection of videos like new and past product, app and game introductions. We have some exciting new additions planned for our YouTube channel so stay tuned.

The features you love

ARMs Race

We continuing with editorials like ARMs Race where we report and examine next-generation devices powered by ARM SOC’s as well as keep you all up-to-date on new ARM technologies from Arm, Qualcomm, Apple, Microsoft and Google.

In the Land of Trillion Dollar Goliaths

As antitrust pressure grows in the U.S. and lawmakers continue to examine many of the practices that Apple pioneered, we will continue examine and report on the subject of antitrust.

Gaming Platform Wars

One of our newest editorials seeks to examine and report on the increased tension and convergence of gaming platforms like console, PC, mobile and cloud gaming platforms.

Dynamic Duo

One part review, one part editorial where we examine and report on the dynamic between various hardware and software products and how once they are paired make for a better experience.


A popular feature that seeks to inform users of all levels how to do some helpful and interesting things with their devices.


This is an area where we plan to expand to not only hardware but apps and games too.

2021 onward

Thank you for joining upon this journey and we look forward to having you join us for the rest of 2021 and beyond. We will continue to bring you all the latest news, your favorite editorials, new videos, wallpapers and more so stay tuned!

A former industry insider and tech industry enthusiast.