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Apple’s WWDC21 | All about macOS 12 Monterey



Today Apple held its annual World Wide Developer Conference and Platform De.Central has all the latest about macOS 12 Monterey. While Big Sur was a major overhaul of macOS, Monterey is more of a refinement.

macOS 12 Monterey


SharePlay enables users to watch TV, Movies and listen to music with family and friends while using FaceTime and /or Messages. You can even share your screen during a FaceTime call, making FaceTime a potential replacement for Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Do not disturb modes for notifications

Universal Control

Apple expands Continuity with Universal Control. This feature enables you to use a single mouse and keyboard to work seamlessly between multiple Apple devices like iPad, MacBook and iMac.

Universal Control also works with AirPlay so you can stream content to your Mac.


Appel is bringing shortcuts from iPhone and iPad over to the Mac.

Shortcuts app.


Tabs now can blend and fall into the background, letting the website you are in take importance, instead the chrome of the browser.

Safari is getting tab collections and the tab collection syncs between Apple devices.

They also sync between Mac, iPad and iPhone.


Apple informed us of the dangers of tracking pixels in emails and their solution is ‘Mail Privacy Protection’. Mail Privacy Protection has a number of privacy protecting features like hiding your IP address, hiding your location and hides data if you open the email. Apple is giving you a privacy report now. It will inform you about apps that access your data, camera, microphone, photos and more.


As part of your iCloud+ subscription, you will now have access to more privacy protection like ‘Hide my Email’ in the Mail app. So, if you want to subscribe to notifications on Platform De.Central so that you never miss the latest news, you can choose to hide your email. You will still get notifications, but your email will remain private.

Will your Mac get macOS Monterey? Here’s the list >

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