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How to enable new ‘Material You’ UI in Chrome for Android



Last week at Google’s annual I/O conference, Google introduced us to Android 12 and the design theme driving the overall look, Material You. As with all major UI design refreshes, they rollout in batches, well it looks like Google is already adding these elements to Chrome browser for Android.

How to enable Chrome theme refactoring to get Material You elements

In poking around in the Chrome 90 flags for Android, XDA found what looks like to be some Material You influences with the increase in the corner radii.

  • Update Chrome on Android to at least version 90
  • Open Chrome
  • Copy this text – chrome://flags/#theme-refactor-android
  • Paste the copied text from above
  • Once Chrome has restarted, close it completely and then reopen it.
  • The design will now be updated, just open the overflow menu
  • Notice the increased radii on the corners and enjoy!
Left side is current design, right side is Material You flag enabled

As XDA points out, your mileage may vary. As time goes on, we will start to see more and more of Android and its apps adopt Material You until it is the round and friendly OS we were promised at Google I/O.