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In the Land of Trillion Dollar Goliaths | Snapchat is ‘Happy’ to pay 30% cut



Apple has been in the hot seat lately and is in court defending its App Store’s business practices. Snap CEO, Evan Spiegel told CNBC in a report that the company is “happy” to pay Apple’s 30% tax for in-app purchases. Why? Because Apple provides many benefits with its software and hardware, says Spiegel.

We really feel like Snapchat wouldn’t exist without the iPhone and without the amazing platform that Apple has created. In that sense, I’m not sure we have a choice about paying the 30% fee, and of course, we’re happy to do it in exchange for all the amazing technology that they provide to us in terms of the software but also in terms of their hardware advancements.

Evan Spiegel, Snap CEO
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Spiegel’s comments are by far offer the most contrast against Epic’s claims. Even Business mogul Barry Diller says that his companies are “overcharged in a disgusting manner” by Apple’s App Store. “The idea that they actually justify it by saying, ‘We spend all this money protecting our little App Store,’” Diller said. “I mean, it’s criminal. Well, it will be criminal.”

These comments come just as Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook is testifying in the Epic v. Apple antitrust case. In further contrast Spiegel said “We’re really aligned with them on the changes they’re making to help protect privacy – And so far, the early investments we made starting almost 10 years ago to protect user privacy on our platform are really paying off.”