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De.Central Deals | Get 4-months free Apple Arcade with Nimbus+ controller and more



The Apple TV 4K set top box is one of the best on the market and if you wanted to game on the big screen, this Steel Series Nimbus+ Wireless Controller purchase gets you 4-months of free Apple Arcade. After purchasing your controller below, Steel Series will provide you with a code for Apple Arcade that you can use to redeem with Apple, details here:

Code expires on September 30, 2022. This is a promotional code and is not for resale, has no cash value, and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Valid only for Apple Arcade in the United States. Requires iTunes/Apple Media Services account. Terms apply; see the applicable terms for your country at Must be 13+ in the United States. Compatible products and services required. Apple Arcade is a service mark of Apple Inc. Apple is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion.

What would make a perfect companion to your new Steel Series Nimbus+ controller more than a shiny new Apple TV! You can pick up a new A12-powered Apple TV or pick up the last-generation Apple TV and receive 6-months free of Apple Music, you can always buy the new Apple TV remote separately and still use it with the last-gen models.

Apple Arcade

Apple’s Arcade service is like Netflix, but for Games. Offering a wide-variety of titles to “play all you want” for a $5 per month subscription.

We all know the problem with mobile games these days, constant adds, in-app purchases and games sole reason for existing to get you to buy extras in game. This model is 180 degrees different from the classic console gaming model. With console gaming you buy a game and play it, some modern titles offer in-game purchases but do not show adds like mobile gaming does.

Apple Arcade seeks to set right the problem they essentially help create by giving users a console like gaming experience without the need to buy any games or own a console.

  • Available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV
  • “Play all you want” subscription model
  • Titles are exclusive to Apple Arcade
  • $4.99 per month
  • Subscriptions can be shared via Family Sharing
  • No in-app-purchases, no advertisements
  • Over 100 games available
  • Available in over 150 countries
  • Wide selection of genres

With over 100 game titles available, Apple’s Arcade is a compelling option for those firmly inside Apple’s hardware eco-system. Apple recently announced that iOS is now compatible with a wide variety of gaming controllers including the Xbox Wireless Controllers, the PlayStation controllers, SteelSeries Nimbus and Nimbus+ and others.