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ARMs Race | M1 iPad Pro outperforms Core i9 MacBook Pro



Apple’s latest iPad Pro powered by Apple’s M1 has been benchmarked and its impressive. The results are in on Geekbench and Apple’s claim of a 50% performance boost over last year’s iPad Pro is true.

Now that Apple has transplanted the M1 into the iPad Pro, its benchmark scores are beating the 16-inch iPad Pro powered by Intel’s Core i9 CPU with a multi-core score of 6845. To put the 7282 multi-core score below into perspective, Apple’s M1-powered MacBook Air scores a 7580 in the multi-core benchmark.

If these benchmarks are any indication of an Apple M1X or M2 chip’s potential performance, it could lay waist to many high-end Macs and PCs. Apple’s new iPad Pro will be available on May 21st.