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Google Chrome 90 for iPhone and iPad gets three new widgets



Google just released Chrome version 90 and along with the update comes three new widgets. Chrome 90 comes as Google hadn’t updated its Browser for iOS at all this year until now. We speculate that Google was holding the Chrome update due to Apple’s new privacy labelling rules.

New Widgets

  • Quick Actions: Search or navigate in a new tab, in Incognito mode, using your voice, or with a QR code
  • Search: Search in Chrome with your favorite search engine
  • Chrome Dino Game: Jump into Chrome Dino game from your home screen

These new widgets follow the iOS theme and can shift from light to dark modes. The 1×2 widget mirror Android search widget’s appearance. among the other updated features is the ability to edit your saved username and passwords in settings. Chanelog:

  • Search and Dino widgets, which are available on iOS 14. Tap and hold your home screen, tap the ‘+’ icon, and look for Chrome widgets.
  • You can now edit your saved usernames and passwords in Chrome Settings.
  • Stability and performance improvements.


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