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Next MacBook Air to get more colorful



With the release of the new multi-colored iMac; one has to wonder, could the multi-color pallet make its way to MacBook next? According to Jon Prosser the next MacBook Air will come with multiple color options.

Prosser's conversation with his source
Image via FPT

Prosser’s source sent a photo of an old Apple presentation with an Apple Product grid, showing how consumers get colorful Macs while Pro users gets muted, more professional Macs.

This can be seen in today’s iPhone 12 series; the less expensive iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are colorful while the iPhone 12 Pro models ship with less colorful options.

A blue MacBook Air concept Image Source: Renders by Ian
image via Renders by Ian

Some renders that Renders by Ian had posted a few days ago, show a blue MacBook Air with a white display bezel and white keyboard. While this is an interesting looking render. Apple will likely not ship a MacBook with a white keyboard again due to one thing, backlit keys. The new keyboards that come with the new iMac have white keyboard keys, because there is no backlighting. On a MacBook however; you need darker colored keys for better contrast. Renders by Ian likely made that mistake because he doesn’t have experience with real product development. We commissioned the main image of this article with white display bezels, a mint chassis and slightly darker mint keyboard keys. We think this is a better representation of what might actually ship later this year of next year.



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