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How to install alternative browsers on your Chromebook



Google’s Chrome OS and the hardware it runs on like Chromebook’s have seen a massive surge of 275%, so if you are one of the Chrome OS users with a Chromebook, Chromebox or other Chrome OS device, you may have wondered if you can install alternative browsers, then we have your How-to below.

How to Install alternative browsers on your Chromebook

First you need to decide which browser you want to install. The key with installing alternative browsers is installing the Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) version of the browser you want. Links to a few browser pages below:

Next you will want to setup your Chromebook’s Linux environment

  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Developers
  • Select Linux development environment (Beta) select ‘Turn on’
  • Now follow the on-screen prompts to finish the Linux environment

Now open the alternative browser installation file you downloaded.

  • Follow your chosen browser’s instructions to complete set up
  • You will find your chosen browser in the app drawer under the newly created ‘Linux apps’ folder

Now you are all set! You can now use your chosen alternative browser on your Chromebook.



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