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Minecraft Dungeons now has multi device cross-saves feature



Minecraft Dungeons game progress and your hero’s saved game data can now be accessed on other consoles and PCs with the addition of the long-awaited feature ‘cross saves’. If you play Minecraft Dungeons on multiple devices like Xbox and PC or PlayStation and Nintendo Switch you can now (manually) sync you game data anywhere you can play the game.

There is one caveat however; you will need to download and upload your data manually; all the details are below:

Cloud Saves

Cloud saving is now available in Minecraft Dungeons! “Upload” and “Download” options have been added to the “Switch Hero” menu. To access these options and play with your Heroes on different devices (across different platforms), please ensure you are signed into your Microsoft Account, and that your game is updated to version or newer. A few things to note:

  • Heroes are not automatically synced to cloud storage. If you often play Minecraft Dungeons on multiple platforms, be sure to download your character before playing and upload it again before ending your session.
  • Purchased DLC does not transfer between platforms. You must own the DLC on the platform you’re playing on to access DLC missions and cosmetics.
  • Cloud saves allow for 20 unique slots to save Heroes.
  • Heroes can be used between Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Uploading Heroes

Follow these steps on how to upload a Hero to the cloud:

  1. Navigate to the Hero Select screen from the main menu. Choose a Hero and press the Upload Hero button.
  2. Select an empty slot and press Upload Hero.
  3. A prompt will appear that the upload was successful. The Hero is now saved to the cloud and is ready to be downloaded to another platform.

Note: If a Hero has cosmetic items equipped that are tied to ownership of certain DLC packs, the cosmetic items will be unequipped on another platform that does not own the relevant DLC pack. An in-game prompt will let you know if this happens. The cosmetic item will have to be manually re-equipped after downloading a Hero again on the platform that does have the DLC.

If all 20 slots are full, the Empty Slot button will not appear. You will need to delete or overwrite a Hero before uploading.

Downloading Heroes

  1. Navigate to the Hero Select screen from the main menu. Find an empty slot and select Download Hero.
  2. Select a Hero that has been previously uploaded and press Download Hero.
  3. A prompt will appear that the download was successful. The Hero is now saved to your device and is ready to play!

Deleting Heroes from Cloud Saves

  1. If you need to remove a Hero from the cloud, select the Hero from the Upload Hero screen and choose Delete Hero. A prompt will appear to confirm the deletion.

Manually Backing Up Characters on PC

If you would like to manually backup your characters and save data on Windows 7/8/10, follow these steps:

  • Open the start menu. Search for and open Run.
  • In the text field, type %HOMEPATH%\Saved Games\Mojang Studios\Dungeons
  • Click ‘OK’ to open.
  • Copy the contents of this folder to another folder on your computer.
  • If you plan to uninstall the game, place the contents of the folder back in after reinstalling the game.
  • Be careful not to delete or modify any of the data in this folder to prevent losing saved data.

Uninstalling the game from the Minecraft Dungeons Launcher displays a prompt asking if you would like erase local saved data.

Local Saved Data Cloud Saves on Consoles

While Minecraft Dungeons features the cloud saving method outlined above, console platforms also have cloud save methods of their own, which backup local saved data to their own services. Please keep in mind that these console specific services will not synchronize cloud saves between different platforms.

 For information on your device’s cloud storage system, visit the following support sites: 



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