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Google’s new ‘Entertainment Space’ is coming to Walmart Onn. tablets this month, launch globally later this year



No, Google has not given up on Android tablets and the company’s new ‘Entertainment Space’ is proof. In a blog post by James Bender, Product Manager for Google Play, he detailed some use cases that are now solved by Entertainment Space.

Entertainment Space is like the Apple TV app, where it presents you with your movies and TV shows all in one place. Entertainment Space presents you with not only Movies and TV, but with Games and Books too. Bender goes on to describe some features “In the Watch tab, you can move between your streaming services, find movies and TV shows to watch, rent or buy from Google TV and view recommended videos from YouTube. With the Continue Watching row, you can also easily hop back into a show you were watching last night. And, if you’re not sure what to watch next, Entertainment Space will surface your personalized and trending recommendation rows from Google TV, Twitch, Hulu and many additional services.”

Based on the description above, it would seem to be a bit self-serving at the moment with ” rent or buy from Google TV and view recommended videos from YouTube.”

Companies like Google will always try to keep your attention and time within their content, so we will have to wait till we can test this to see if that is indeed the case. Google’s list of partners for this are pretty small and it might have to do with the fact that Entertainment Space is built into the launcher and not a separate app. To make matters more complicated, Netflix is not working with Google in this project either, which is not that surprising given that Netflix has pulled back from services like Google TV that aggregate, mix and present Netflix content alongside competing app’s content.

Entertainment Space will be available on Walmart Onn. tablets this month and will rollout globally “on new and select existing Android tablets from Lenovo. Each of the Onn. tablets below feature the Google Play Store, so you are not limited like Amazon’s Fire Tablets with a limited selection of apps and games and with an Onn. tablet you will have access to Google’s new Entertainment Space first.



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