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Mighty will charge you $30 a month to let you use Chrome from the cloud instead



Mighty wants to use cloud technology to make your Chrome browsing experience better. Like with cloud gaming, the hardware is remote and you don’t need a PC with lots of power to browse the web smoothly. It will not matter how many tabs you have open; it is not using the paltry amount of RAM in your personal PC; it is using the supercomputer in a server farm somewhere else.

Back in 2012, OnLive tried this exact thing, serving you a virtual full desktop browser on an iPad when Safari would just show you the mobile web. OnLive only asked $5 per month. Could this get any traction in the market?

While Mighty’s Chrome browser is running on a Windows 10 PC remotely, Mighty surfaces only Chrome to the user while dramatically speeding up your browsing experience, so much so that Might describes the speed like if will feel like you have a Gigabit internet connection on just a 20MB connection. Technologically, this makes a lot of sense, just not for $30 per month. If Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Brave, Apple and others would adopt this tech to speed up our modern browsers, then it might make sense as an upsell like Chrome Max, Edge Pro, Firefox+ and so on.



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