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Stadia updates: web app gets UI revamp, search bar, enhanced Explore tab and more



Google’s Stadia clou gaming service is gaining some long-awaited features on the web app today. It now offers a search bar to help with finding games in the store and a revamp library interface, with some teases for future updates.

The Search bar

Search bar in Google Stadia web app

The Stadia web app made by Google is getting a Search bar of all things. Starting with the store, the search bar will easily enable you to look for your next game and include auto-complete suggestions.

Library view

Now with the library view, you can sort and filter your games. You can also manage which games are shared with family members. No word on when this update will make it to Stadia’s Android app.

Mobile web app

The Android web app will make it look and feel more like its iOS counterpart. Streaming and voice chat will be included in the web app and could someday replace the native Android app.

Explore tab

Google is upgrading the social features in the ‘Explore’ tab and will become the hub for things like your friends captures, blog posts from Stadia and other future additions. The explore tab will come to the Stadia web app later on.

Enhanced Captures management

The last feature being teased for the web app is the enhanced ability to manage captures in bulk. The same feature has been spotted in the Stadia Android app.



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