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Analyst says xCloud isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch



In a statement that surprised no one, Nintendo an analyst citing Nintendo itself has said xCloud won’t be coming to the platform. This is despite rumors about Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s partnership to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Switch platform.

Game Industry analyst and Astris Advisory Japan founder Devid Gibson tweeted yesterday while xCloud on Switch “would make a lot of sense… I have had Nintendo tell me directly they would not put other streaming services on the Switch.” We don’t currently know who the source is at the moment or at what level of Nintendo the source is on. For the moment, let’s consider why it makes sense in the first place.

Platform protectionism

The first and most important reason Nintendo would not let cloud gaming apps on its platform is simple, they are the competition and would likely hurt Nintendo, not help it. Why buy a heavy, noisy and outdated Switch when in comparison you could just use your modern smart phone and something like Razer’s Kishi controller attachment with Xbox Cloud Gaming?

For example, Apple does not let other app stores on its platform because it would introduce competition to the platform it has never had to deal with. Another example, why not have iMessage on Android? Because it would lead to fewer iPhone sales not more.

The only thing keeping Nintendo’s hardware division afloat is its walled garden and exclusives, that’s it. if Nintendo were to allow Xbox Cloud Gaming on Switch, people would quickly realize there are better hardware alternatives to Nintendo’s.



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