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Will Adobe announce new apps headed to the Microsoft Store at its next conference?



In the Microsoft Store today, Adobe publishes Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Reader Touch and Photoshop Express but what about Photoshop, illustrator, Fresco and the other big names? According to @ALumia_Italia on Twitter, Adobe may announce that one or more of its big-name apps is coming to the Microsoft Store at its Adobe Summit conference on April 27th-29th.

Over the last few years Adobe has committed to bringing its apps to Microsoft’s app store and promised to support Windows 10 on ARM with apps that are compatible with Microsoft’s next-gen chip architecture. While Adobe has been delivering on ARM64 PC support, it has only brought one big-name app to the Microsoft Store, Lightroom. At Adobe’s Summit conference, Adobe could finally bring one or more of these big-name apps to Microsoft’s app store.

One of the big negatives with just downloading and installing Adobe’s creative apps from Adobe’s website is all the extra processes running in the background that simply wouldn’t exist if the apps were install from the Microsoft Store. We will have to see which apps come to the Microsoft Store at Adobe’s Summit conference on April 27th-29th.

What Adobe apps do you want made available in the Microsoft Store? Let us know in the comments below.



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