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How to give your PC the Windows 10X look right now



Windows 10 is set for a visual revamp later on this year and if you are like us and can’t wait you might try whatever you can to give Windows 10 the Windows 10X look. With a couple of additional apps and tweaks you can have the modern look of Windows 10X right now.

The look of Windows 10X

See the source image

Windows 10X features a few obvious stand out UI elements right off the bat. Here is a list below.

  • Centered Taskbar icons
  • Action Center with rounded corners
  • Start Menu is centered
  • App tiles have rounded corners when in hover

How to center your taskbar icons

Windows 10X introduced centered taskbar icons and not long after TaskbarX developer Chris Andriessen published this handy app for not only centering your taskbar icons but a whole host of other handing taskbar features.

Modern interface elements

An app called Modern Flyouts (Preview) will put things like the volume slider, the music you are listening to, screen brightness and more in a modern and customizable interface.

A Fluent and modern File Explorer

The aptly named Files app instantly delivers a fresh and modern file explorer than can replace the legacy File Explorer on day one.

The Surface wallpapers

Want the modern Windows look? Look no further than

Centered Start Menu

With a few tweaks and some time you can get your Start Menu centered with a grid of your favorite app.

  • Navigate to the Settings app
  • Type “Start” into the search bar within the settings app and select it
  • Toggle “Show more Tiles” and “Use Start Full Screen.”
  • Pin your favorite apps to the Start Menu
  • Right-click each app, hover over “Resize” and select “Small.” Do this for every app on your Start Menu.
  • Space each app apart one tile apart on its own separate row. Once four apps are placed on their own row, you can hover above the row and drag the whole row around as you like. These steps will help you make a grid of app tiles.

De.Clutter your taskbar

The taskbar is full of useful buttons but can look quite cluttered, here are some steps to get your taskbar De.Cluttered.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Type Taskbar into the text field in the Settings app
  • Toggle off the “Task View” button. This button isn’t necessary since it is on many PC keyboards.
  • Under Notification area, select “Select which icons appear on the taskbar”
  • Toggle off nearly every icon, except the ones you have to have. For us, the battery icon was the ‘must have’
  • If you still have icons in the Notification area, navigate back to “Notification Area” and select “Turn system icons on or off.” This should give you the options to turn off any remaining system icons like date & time.
  • Right click the taskbar, navigate to Search and select hide in order to hide the search bar on your taskbar

Now you will have the Windows 10X look on Windows 10!



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