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The next iPhone SE to have 4.7-inch Full screen display and hole punch camera



Apple’s current iPhone SE is essentially a parts bin phone, a new SOC inside an iPhone 8 chassis, but recent rumors suggest Apple may finally be ready to give it a modern makeover. According to display analyst Ross Young, “the next LCD iPhone SE will remain at 4.7″ in 2022. He went on to cite rumors that it may have 5G with sub-6GHz and that he was hearing there might be a 6.1” version in 2023.

But why?

Just because Apple currently sells a new iPhone SE doesn’t mean Apple needs to beyond 2021. Prior to the iPhone 12 series, a 4.7-inch iPhone SE made sense some sense. We had the 6.1-inch iPhone 11, the 5.8-inch iPhone Pro and the 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max, so something smaller than 5.8-inches and retailing for less than $999 made a lot of sense. But now we have the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini that sells for as little as $699. The iPhone 12 mini has a full-screen display that the iPhone X design ushered in, so a 4.7-inch full-screen display iPhone SE in 2022 would not make any sense at all since the current iPhone 12 mini is already incredibly small and too expensive.

A less expensive iPhone 12 mini would be better

There are a lot of iPhone 12 mini fans out there, but there are two major factors holding it back. The lack luster economy in the lockdown states and the absurdly expensive retail price. If the iPhone 12 mini just became the iPhone SE in 2022 and sold for $499 rather than $699 than we would have a sales leader on our hands.

The elephant in the room

Yes it is April 1st and also April Fools Day. Is it any wonder that such a ridiculous sounding tweet was posted today of all days? We think there is.

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