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How-To opt-out of T-Mobile selling your data to advertisers



T-Mobile customers have enjoyed all the benefits that came with T-Mobile being the most aggressive of the major three U.S. carriers, challenging and pushing the other carriers to adopt T-Mobile’s approach to the carrier business and al included taxes and fees pricing. Now with T-Mobile’s TVision TV service and other ventures, T-Mobile is likely feeling pressure from shareholders to make he most amount of money from its customers as it can and unfortunately that includes selling customer data to advertisers.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, T-Mobile will automatically enroll phone service customers into an advertising program that will share information related to app data, online activity and web history with advertisers, similar to AT&T and Verizon’s business practices.

“Data is collected for many reasons, and it can help improve your T‑Mobile experience,” T-Mobile said on its privacy policy page. “You trust us with your information, and we work hard to keep it secure.”

This new policy does apply to all former Sprint customers acquired in the merger and formation of the new T-Mobile. Sprint customers are not new to this kind of policy, but at least Sprint used an opt-in model instead of T-Mobile’s opt-out model. According to T-Mobile, the changes mean customers will be served more relevant ads, something the T-Mobile claims more people want. Fear not, if you have a business or you’re under a certain age, the policy change won’t apply to you. If you are not a business customer or under a certain age, don’t panic, we can help.

How to opt-out of T-Mobile’s data collection

In the T-Mobile app > tap the more tab at the bottom > then tap Advertising & Analytics > then tap the toggle relating to sharing your data to advertisers and while you are at it, tap the toggle off for sharing analytics for maximum privacy. If you don’t have the app, you can hit one of the download links below or visit the website.



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