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Adobe Photoshop for M1 Macs has left beta status



Apple has entered a new era of ARM-powered Macs with the new Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, joining Windows ARM-powered PC’s such as HP’s Envy X2, Samsung Galaxy Book, Acer Spin 7, Asus Nova Go, Samsung Galaxy Book S, Lenevo Flex 5G, Lenevo Yoga C630, Lenevo MIIX 630 and two generations of Microsoft’s Surface Pro X. While there are many benefits to ARM-powered Macs and PCs, the drawbacks have mainly been centered around app compatibility. The biggest name in creative software for creative professionals, now has moved their flagship app, Photoshop out of beta status for M1 Macs.

It is clear that Adobe understands the importance of the ARM chip architecture and its growth.

M1-powered Macs

Photo of two apple macs with M1

Apple’s commitment to move all of their Macs to Apple-made Silicon has recently culminated in the three new Macs, Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro all powered by Apple’s M1. The two-year ARM transition for Apple’s Macs will see each one of Apple’s Macs replaced by either M1 or future Apple-made chips. We are likely to see a 16-inch MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro powered by either M1 or new chips more powerful than M1 in the near future.



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