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Microsoft’s Edge browser is getting a Kids Mode



Microsoft’s Edge browser on the Canary branch is getting a Kids Mode today. The feature will then make its way to the Dev channel then shortly after get release to the public.

Kids Mode is enabled by selecting it from the profile picker in the upper right-hand section in Microsoft Edge. The idea is new to browsers but not new to the industry. We have kids modes in streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and others, so this is just applying the same idea to browsers. Kids Mode in Edge comes with custom browser themes, Bing SafeSearch enabled to shield kids from “adult” search results and enables parents to set a list of appropriate sites for use. While there is a pre-defined list of approved sites allowed by Edge by default, parents can edit the list in the family section of the browser’s settings.

Features like these are desperately needed to keep kids away from inappropriate content that is otherwise so easily accessible via other browsers. Perhaps we may see a Kids Mode make its way into a future build of Windows 10X in the future, giving parents another option outside of Amazon’s and Samsung’s tablet kids modes.



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