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Newton Mail now supports M1 Macs and Linux



Newton Mail is one of many great 3rd-Party Mail Client apps. Newton’s parent company Cloud Magic went dark then came back after Essential revived them last year. Newton has apps in the Microsoft Store, iOS App Store, Mac App Store and Google Play Store successfully spanning many of the top platforms, now Newton is adding to that list with M1 Mac support and support for Linux.

We are finally bringing the Newton goodness to our community of Linux users. This app is optimized for Linux and is as zippy and smooth as our Mac offerings. Great news is that we worked hard to ensure no features or Superchargers were compromised. So you get the same features as all our other users for a consistent Newton experience.

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You won’t find the M1 Mac version in the App Store, instead it is available to download directly from Newton Email’s website here. If you want the Linux version, you can get it from here.



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