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Windows 10X runs on Lumia 950XL and looks great



Windows 10X has only been floating around the web for a little while and we have seen it running in VM’s, on Surface Pro devices, MacBooks and now a Lumia 950XL from 2015. We know that Windows 10X was originally going to run on the Surface Duo alongside the Surface Neo. With Windows 10X running on the Lumia 950XL we finally get a sense of what it looks like on mobile.

Breathing new life into the Lumia 950XL

Twitter user Gustave Monce claims he managed to get one of the pre-release build of Windows 10X running on a Microsoft Lumia 950XL. The Lumia 950XL was Microsoft’s first and last high-end phone it released after the company acquired Nokia’s mobile phone business. Developers have been loading Windows 10 on ARM onto the Lumia 950XL ever since the OS variant was released. Now that users are getting Windows 10X onto the Lumia 950XL, the OS works remarkably well on the device. For anyone who used to own a Windows mobile device, the idea of Windows 10X on a phone seems exciting. Gustave provided a few screenshots for our viewing please.

Gustave notes that he doesn’t expect Microsoft to ship this OS variant on mobile anytime soon, citing that the OS needs a lot of work on mobile still. But if you have a Lumia 950XL around this will certainly give it a new lease on life. Windows 10X running on a Lumia 950XL certainly makes us wish it was running on the Surface Duo.



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