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Brave adds native support to ARM-powered Macs, where is the support for ARM-powered PC’s?



Brave is perhaps the best browser available from a standpoint of privacy, user choice, speed and being platform agnostic. Last year we reported on Brave’s stratospheric growth after its release and many of its feature updates. Despite Jeremy Sinclair a Windows MVP, compiling Brave for Windows 10 on ARM and sharing his work with Brave developers early last year, we still do not have Brave for Windows 10 on ARM. To add insult to injury, Brave announced native support for ARM-based M1-powered Macs.

Right now, if one wanted to run Brave on a ARM based PC they would have to run their 32-Bit version which is then emulated. It is good in a pinch but on a device like the Surface Pro X and other ARM-powered PC’s, the battery life is much better with apps that have native ARM support. Follow this link to download Brave on your ARM-based PC today.

Brave for M1 Macs

It’s not all doom and gloom, Brave bringing native support to M1-powered Macs is an achievement. ARM-powered Macs and PC’s are the future, not the only future, but their market share is bound to grow…a lot. Apple is transitioning its entire Mac lineup to Apple Silicon that will include M1 and other higher-powered variants. You cannot have a successful hardware platform without 3rd party apps and Apple is successfully getting developers to transition their apps to the new platform. Today, Apple’s M1 Macs are the most advanced personal computers available and with the availability of a native Brave browser, users now have browser choice with platform parity.

Try Brave

One great example of why to choose Brave is their setup screen and the choice it gives its users from day one. Upon browser download, and installation, Brave presents you with the selection of search engines to make your default, image below. Our favorite is DuckDuckGo for its privacy protections and search results quality.

If you want to understand the data that your browser shares with third parties and others, check out our report from last year about why Brave is the most secure Broswer in a first run review on iOS.



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