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Parallels can now run Windows on your M1-powered Mac



Something magical has happened, Microsoft has made Windows 10 on Arm available to Parallels for M1-powered Macs. If you were used to using Parallels on your current or previous Macs, then today’s news is sure to brighten your day. Parallels has launched a Parallels Desktop 16 for M1 Mac Technical Preview Program.

Till today Windows 10 on Arm could not be obtained any other way than a new device, but Microsoft is making it available through the Windows Insider Program that can be installed in Parallels.


You can sign up for the Technical Preview above. A list of current limitations of the program are below.

  • It is not possible to install or start an Intel x86 based operating system in a virtual machine.
  • It is not possible to suspend and resume a virtual machine, including reverting to a “running state” snapshot.
  • It is not possible to use the close button when a virtual machine is running; Shutdown virtual machine instead.
  • ARM32 applications do not work in a virtual machine.


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