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Plunder Pass is coming to Sea of Thieves in 2021



Sea of Thieves, the huge open-world Pirate game is available in the Microsoft Store on both Windows 10, Xbox & Xbox Game Pass and Steam. Every month Sea of Thieves players are greeted with new monthly events like the last few months with Haunted Shores, Ashen Winds, Vaults of the Ancients and Fate of the Damned. According to Rare

Update summary

  • Three-month Seasons: Every Season will last three months, with the first Season beginning January.
  • Content updates come with Seasons: Each Season will lead with changes to the game, either with new game modes, areas, or anything else that could potential come in a traditional content update.
  • Live events, drops and patches continue: Even with the addition of Seasons, Sea of Thieves will continue their regular live events, content drops through things like Twitch Drops, and quality-of-life patches. There will also be new rewards added all the time.
  • Pirates progress through Seasons just by playing: You earn renown during Seasons by interacting with every aspect of Sea of Thieves, with adventures, exploration, combat, trading, and everything in between.
  • Plunder Pass adds additional rewards and challenges: The optional premium “Battle Pass,” known as the Plunder Pass, adds 100 tiers of extra rewards for players to earn, including exclusives from the Pirate Emporium. This also includes new challenges and missions for players to complete.
  • The first Season adds a new Merchant Voyage: Starting in January, the first Season comes with a new Voyage for the Merchant guild, which sees players becoming detectives and tracking down a missing ship (and the goods that were on it)

Now that the game is available from Steam, all content previously available will be available. The point is, if you buy it from Steam, you are getting the same exact game no matter where you buy or play it. Thanks Microsoft.

Here on Platform De.Central we promote this approach, publish content everywhere regardless of device and platform that way the content is available to everyone. This approach prevents platform lock-in and enables consumers to move between platforms without restriction, resulting in a healthier market.

New Shark Hunt Finally Gets Sea Of Thieves Players To Cooperate

Sea of Thieves is now at over 10 million so far this year, speaking from personal experience, the game is a pleasant surprise and fully immerses you into the world or Pirates, treasure hinting, ocean storms, giant squids and megalodons, yes megalodons.

Sea of Thieves is now over two years old and has always been available on the Microsoft Store for PC, Xbox and through Xbox Game Pass. It would seem that game exclusivity only helps the platform it is exclusive to and making the game available on Steam and having cross-play features are the right moves for gamers.

Sea of Thieves costs $39.99 on Steam with cross-play support no matter where you play the game. This enables gamers to jump from their Xbox to their PC seamlessly without losing any game progress. You can also get it from the Microsoft Store on Xbox, PC and the Xbox Game Pass deal below, as well as from Amazon and Best Buy below.



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