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Seriously !?! | Apple now has seven iPhone models to sell you in 2020



Apple announced its iPhone 12 series today with fly byes of its new Apple campus, Huge AR iPhone’s floating on stage and a new HomePod mini. The star of the show was perhaps the iPhone 12 mini which Apple compared to the size of its iPhone 8 parts-bin iPhone SE during the presentation. After the Pro tier models were announced Apple displayed all the iPhone models together and their prices. The first thing we thought was, Seriously!?!

Why is Apple selling 7 iPhone models in 2020?

SEXR1112 mini1212 Pro12 Pro Max

Apple is now covering every price point with 2020 iPhone models and pre-2020 iPhone models, which is an amazing feet. But when actually looking at the products, the question lingers, but why? Why sell the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 is meant to be the XR’s successor anyway right?

SE1112 mini1212 Pro12 Pro Max

Ok with the iPhone XR gone, we have the table above, six iPhone models spanning many different price points. But the question still persists, but why? With the iPhone 12 mini do we really need the iPhone SE? Yes, probably in 2020 more than any other year having a $399 iPhone was a good move, but let’s hope it drops off the lineup in spring 2021.

1112 mini1212 Pro12 Pro Max

Alright, here we are in spring 2021 with only 5 iPhone models, its looking pretty good right? Well, Apple has two 6.1″ iPhone models in 2020 and the question persists, but why? With the only major differences between the 6.1″ iPhone models being in the cameras, storage capacity and build material that sees the iPhone 12 in aluminum and the 12 Pro in Stainless Steel, should Apple make only one of these 6.1″ iPhone models? Perhaps, but this would be the hardest fat to trim for sure.

1112 mini1212 Max

Now we have it, the ideal iPhone lineup. The iPhone 11 persists as last year’s model for price conscience shoppers. This would create a logical iPhone lineup where the least expensive iPhone mini is also the smallest, then go up in size and price with the iPhone 12, then finally the iPhone 12 Pro Max at the top end with its size, stainless steel build and camera prowess.

1213 mini1313 Max

What about the 2021 iPhone lineup? Let’s hope Apple would seek to create proportionality to the price levels in the lineup an move the 13 Max to the $999 tier instead of moving all of the models up by $100 dollars. Does an iPhone lineup like this appeal to our readers and create less confusion for the average consumer? Let us know in the comments below.



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