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Mozilla VPN is out of beta



Mozilla rolls out its new VPN, once known as Firefox Private Network, now will be known henceforth at Mozilla VPN.

Mozilla says the move out of the Firefox Private Network brand to become a stand-alone product, Mozilla VPN, is to serve a larger audience.” We can speculate that the branding change is due to serving “a larger audience” which includes those who do not currently use the Firefox browser.

Firefox Private Network Firefox browser add-on

While you can still use Firefox Private Network VPN Firefox browser add-on, Mozilla’s “full-device VPN” is meant to be cross-platform.

Mozilla VPN on Android via Mozilla


“We know that we are on the right path to building a VPN that makes your online experience safer and easier to manage,” the blog post states. “We are confident to keep making the right decisions guided by our Data Privacy Principles. This means that we are actively forgoing additional profits by committing to never track your browsing activities and avoiding any third party in-app data analytics platform.”

The full device VPN allows you to choose from 30+ countries, connect up to 5 devices from platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android with Linux and macOS available soon, with a subscription that costs $4.99/month.



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