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In the era of ARM-powered Macs, why would you choose an iPad Pro?



Apple’s next-generation devices will all be powered by potent custom ARM silicon chips. Both contenders are from Apple, first is the 2020 iPad Pro with Apple’s Magic Keyboard and the other Apple-made contender is the future Apple Silicon-powered MacBook.

Apple has been designing its own custom A-series silicon since the A4-powered iPhone 4 and later developed the iPad specific A5X. Apple’s A-Series SOC’s can outperform Android devices with higher specs with ease. Apple’s latest A12Z even easily outperforms Apple’s own MacBook Air and achieves similar results to Apple’s most powerful Intel Core i9-powered MacBook Pro.

With Apple’s recent announcement that the company will be moving all of its Macs to Apple Silicon during a two-year transition, one has to wonder; in a world where an Apple Silicon-powered MacBook exists, what makes someone choose an iPad Pro instead?

What would be the key differentiators?

When attempting to make the table below, we could only identify three major differentiators between the two Apple-made devices. First is the detachable nature of the iPad Pro in that it can be detached from the keyboard, the second differentiator is the inclusion of the rear-facing camera array on the back of the 2020 iPad Pro. The Third differentiator is the operating system, where the Apple Silicon-powered Mac will be able to run iPadOS apps it would seem that the Mac has the leg up on the iPad Pro.

Based on this head-to-head comparison which would you choose? How would you decide which Apple made device to buy? Would the choice be made even more difficult if Apple had touch and pencil support on the future MacBook? Perhaps if Apple made a future MacBook that was simply an Apple Silicon-powered MacBook and not a 2in1 device, the choice would be simpler.

iPad Pro 12.9-inchApple Silicon-powered MacBook
Detachable tabletLaptop
Touch, Mouse, PencilTouch?, Mouse, Pencil?
Rear facing cameras
macOS 11iPadOS 14

Why not just run macOS on the iPad Pro?

While this is technically possible and for many highly desirable, macOS in its current form is not ready for touch, yet. We imagine at Apple right now, there are iPad Pro devices in employee hands that run macOS Big Sur, because why not. If you wanted to get a sense of an AR-powered MacBook just run macOS on an iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard. Here’s hoping the jailbreaking community can get macOS Big Sur running on the iPad Pro, that would be sweet!



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