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Slack Connect is designed to kill email



Slack is in an epic battle against Microsoft’s supremacy in the office, while Microsoft aggressively undercuts Slack by including its Slack rival, Teams at no additional cost for Microsoft 365 subscribers. The key to Microsoft’s power in enterprise is Outlook and Exchange, but what if Enterprise adopted Slack and its new feature that aims to supplant email all together?

Now, up to 20 organizations can come together in a single Slack channel, which enables customers to bring their entire supply chain, corporate subsidiaries or industry peers. Slack Connect enables teams to:

  • Securely connect to external organizations
  • Get work done faster with partners and vendors
  • Strengthen business relationships
A model for how Enterprise Key Management works inside Slack Connect

We can imagine most organizations who first hear of Slack Connect could be apprehensive at first. The idea of opening up more lines of communication might give security experts pause until they dig a bit deeper.

“Our largest customers, like TD Ameritrade and Iress, put enormous effort into security and compliance,” Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack says, “and external communication often moves out of band. It goes to text messages and WhatsApp—and the organization has no visibility or ability to retain important records.”

Members of multiple organizations work together inside a Slack channel

Slack enables admins to maintain control over their organization’s data and monitor external access with Slack Connect. Email leaves users open to risks like phishing and spam, but when they work in Slack Channels, teams receive messages and files from verified members only.

“Email is an open front door to security threats to an organization—$12 billion in losses are caused by business email scams, and 90% of data breaches are from phishing. If you want a more secure collaboration solution for your organization, the first thing you can do is take your employees out of email and into Slack.”

Larkin Ryder, chief security officer, Slack

Slack Connect is available for all paid plans. If you’re already a customer but new to Slack Connect, feel free to reach out or learn more on how to get started.



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