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Amazon releases Prime Video UWP Windows 10 App



Amazon has had their Prime Video app on Xbox since 2017 but if you wanted to watch Prime Video on a Windows 10 laptop or tablet you had to do it in a browser.

Today Amazon has released a UWP Prime Video App on the Microsoft Store with support for ARM-based devices like Surface Pro X, Samsung’s Galaxy Book S, Lenevo’s new Yoga Flex 5G and more. While you can install it right now, we did not have any luck getting it to run. After sign-in, the app crashes, we imagine this is a temporary bug.

The app was spotted by @ALumia earlier today and the in-app screenshots are from them.

via ALumia
Via ALumia
via ALumia

As many of us are spending a lot more time at home, watching a movie on your phone isn’t as appealing, but if you have a Windows 10 laptop or tablet around the larger screen real-estate and now the new Prime Video app makes for a compelling option.

Ultimately this is a welcome change and something Amazon and users alike will benefit from.



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