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iOS 14 | Everything you need to know



Apple annual WWDC conference Keynote just finished and there is huge number of updates to new and existing products. Check out the iOS 14 news below.

iOS 14

Apple is making it easier to find your apps on your device with App Library.

An example of Apple Arcade’s App Library page.

Widgets on all Apple devices are taking a huge leap forward, with a Windows Phone look and functionality with the live tile-like live widgets.

Like watchOS widgets, iOS 14 widgets offer a quick glance at what’s important, but now on the homescreen.

Widgets are re-sizeable just like how Windows Phone tiles were, they can be re-sized into large 4×4 squares and large 4×2 rectangles.

This widget view helps you to find your available widgets then pin them to your home screen.

This is what the new Windows Phone-like widgets look like on all the current iPhone models.

iOS 14 now has Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

They can live in a corner or expand to fill the width of your phone.

Siri on iOS 14

Siri on iOS 14 now has a new look.


iMessage on iOS 14

iMessage on iOS 14 now enable you to keep your most important conversations and people easy to get to.

New Memoji features.

iMesage groups enable you to keep conversations within with in particular groups.

Maps on iOS 14

Now includes cycling directions.

App Clips

App Clips enable you to use a function rather than having the full app.

App Clips are locatable in Apps Library by their look with a dashed outline.

App Clips will also be available via the web with Safari, can you say lock-in.

A barcode like identifier for Apps.



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