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Move over Microsoft PowerPoint, Pitch is here



In a world of remote teams collaborating in real time, apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online probably come to mind, there is a new kid on the block from the creator of Wunderlist, Pitch.

It’s no secret that collaboration tools are more important than ever but even before Coronavirus, apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom were popular in many organizations from small businesses to enterprise.

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Pitch comes from the creator of Wunderlist, Christian Reber who sold Wunderlist to Microsoft and Microsoft turned it into To-Do. Pitch enables collaborative discussions, managing tasks, and productive teams without platform limitation.

Effortless formatting

Creating presentations can sometimes be a daunting task. You might ask yourself; how do I make a presentation that communicates the team’s ideas clearly while looking great. Pitch includes a vast library of custom-crafted templates for easy deck creation plus giving you tools to craft your own.

Pitch enables users to create beautiful presentations quickly and accurately with an editing experience that Pitch says is “fast, intuitive, and gets out of your way so you can focus on your message.”

Have specific company assets that need to be included? You can manage those assets directly from within Pitch.


Pitch integrates with 3rd party chat tools help the presentations stay up-to-date, like Unsplash and Giphy which enables you to source images, icons, or logos without opening a browser.

Pitch has feature like a quick menu that enables you to Outline your deck, add and edit your team’s content while sharing updates.

What’s coming next?

Scaling our beta in a controlled way lets us test hypotheses and process findings. Over the next several months we'll be adding more teams to Pitch as we prepare for pubic launch.

Powerful integrations: We’re taking stale, static presentations and making them dynamic sources of information. Pitch will connect directly to the data you care about, so everyone has access to the latest numbers and news, without the hassle of manual updates. Let us know which integrations are most important to you.

A place for sharing and discovery: There are so many amazing ideas out there. We believe they should be available to and usable by everyone. We’ll be introducing a way to get inspiration from others and publish your ideas to the world.

Cross-platform availability: Pitch is for every type of presentation creator — whether you work in the office, on the go, or in the air. Today we’re available on the web, macOS, Windows, and Linux with apps that work both online and offline. Mobile apps are on the way.

If you want to try Pitch yourself, you can join the waitlist from the link above.

Just today, Pitch Tweeted a preview of the Unsplash and Giphy integration and it looks great. It looks like Pitch is ready to take on the Trillion Dollar Goliaths.



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