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ARMs Race | The latest ARM CPUs and GPUs



In our regular ARMs Race series we compare a number of devices running different ARM chips like Apple’s most recent A12Z, Microsoft’s SQ, Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 992 pairing with AMD Radeon graphics, Apple’s potential ARM-based Macs and Google’s upcoming Exynos based chips. Today we will talk about the new chip designs coming directly from ARM.

Cortex-X1 CPU

Arm Cortex X1

The ARM Cortex-X1 takes aim at Apple’s A-Series chips with a 30% performance boost compared to last year’s Cortex-A77 and 23% better performance than the new Cortex-A78. It is said that this chip prioritizes power instead of efficiency, so it is likely to drain your battery faster.

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Cortex-A78 CPU

Arm Cortex A78

The ARM Cortex-A78 is the successor to last year’s Cortex A-77 which we saw in Qualcomm’s flagship processors. According to ARM it has a 20% boost over the A77. ARM also says the chip should use half the power of the A77.

Tri-cluster CPU’s

arm cortex x1 and a78

ARM showed off an example of a Cortex X-1 paired with three Cortex A-78 cores which would offer the benefit of one power core for boosts in single-core performance and still offering battery friendly cores for simpler tasks.


Arm Mali G68

The ARM Mali-G68 has the same boots in performance with 15% better performance density, 10% better efficiency and 15% improved machine learning, but where it differs is that it is limited to just six shader cores as supposed to 24 in the flagships GPU models.


Arm Mali G78

The ARM Mali-G78 GPU offers 15% better performance density, 10% better efficiency and 15% improved machine learning. This amounts to only a slight improvement over last year’s Mali-G77 GPU.

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GPU driver updates via the Google Play Store

ARM has confirmed that it is working with various Android OEM’s including Google to deliver GPU updates through the store, no timetable was shared as to when the initiative would be rolling out.

ARM based computers: